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Transporter Console

Worked out the transporter console today.  A very unique shape that provided somewhat of a challenge, but I got it done nonetheless.  I ended up having to light the console by vertices instead of a UV lightmap due to some lighting artifacts that ended up on the console's angled edges.  A little less detailed lighting, but better than it was with the artifacts.

One advantage of using a game engine for this project, rather than traditional rendering, is that I can make consoles blink in real time, further immersing the player.  I will try to upload a video soon.

 Also added the "Caution" sign in the transport chamber.  This is the version of the sign seen in The Wrath of Khan.  The version that appeared in The Search for Spock was square, and added "No Smoking" to the list.

(Forgive the horrible image compression.  I guess it's a result of using's own image uploader.  I should upload and link to my flickr page in the future)

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