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Officer's Lounge, Continued

 I dedicated my morning to rapidly adding the chairs/couches/tables to the Officer's Lounge.  
"Spock, would you PLEASE sit down!"
Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise explains that the "windows" seen in The Motion Picture are actually view screens which are capable of displaying "the full range of the ship's communication services" and can "provide a full exterior and interior tour of the vessel."  The reason for this explanation is that Shane Johnson, when making the guidebook, placed this privacy lounge just forward of the rest of the officer's lounge, which has a much grander scale and offers a spectacular view of the ship's warp nacelles.  So, we are to assume that the starfield we see out the "windows" in The Motion Picture is a viewscreen simulation, and these are not, in fact, windows.  
Window?  Or Viewscreen?

The Director's Cut of The Motion Picture tried to correct this by offering a view of one of the warp nacelles through the "window", but we can still pretty much just think of them as "viewscreens" instead, if we wish.

Andy Probert's concept of the Officer's Lounge.

Probert's plan
Shane Johnson's attempt to marry Probert's concept with the actual filming set.

Because I'm attempting to fully realize Andrew Probert's design, I am going with Shane Johnson's interpretation.  

So, for the screens below, you will see a United Federation of Planet's logo on the screens instead of a starfield.  The starfield will be seen when I complete the area just aft of this privacy lounge, complete with the view of the nacelles.


  1. Wow! You've been busy. Those Engineering shots are awesome, and the video is cool. I love these officer's lounge shots too. Are you familiar with Ryutaro Yamada's (also known as Fesarius)efforts on the subject? He did a great deal of study and work on that lounge which he posted on SciFi-Meshes, though most images from that far back have been pulled since then. He even made that wall with the view screens drop down to fully open both lounges as it can actually be seen from some exterior model shots, much like the Probert floor plan up there.

    Are you planning to model the miniature interior they actually filmed for The Motion Picture or try and recreate Andy Probert's concept sketches (with all the wood grain surfaces and curvy couches)? :)

    1. I did not know about Ruytaro Yamada's work. If you can provide any links, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm gonna head over to and see if I can find anything.

      I almost keep forgetting about the shot of the miniature interior model of the officer's lounge since it was such a short scene. Wood grain surfaces I will attempt, but the curvy couches are a no-go. I want to stay with the orange boxy couches seen in the privacy lounge.

  2. Just found Fesarius's website

  3. I might be able to find some and send them to you. Appears most of his posted images focusing on that aspect of his Enterprise rebuild were pulled for space reasons. They don't appear on his personal website either. He does have a single image on his Flickr page that views the lounge from the ship's exterior. It's the best he has posted publicly at present but isn't as revealing as some of his others. It's the 14th image down on this first page.

    He does have a short little Youtube vid that's pretty neat too.

    I'll try and see if I can't scrounge up some of the images he posted all the while back later tonight after work.