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Main Engineering Approaches Completion

Only a few details left to work out, mainly the foyer and it's console and the computer bank on the level above.

I can't decide whether or not I'm going to Wrath of Khan-ify the area by adding the 7 or so computer consoles that the production team of Khan added around the main level and the dilithium reactor room in the main level's corner.  I'm liking this Motion Picture depiction so far, however.


  1. I love it so far. It looks amazing as is. I never cared for the "mini mainframes" added for TWOK, though they did help break up what some might consider the monotony of the engine room walls. I just think they look dated at this point. I did like the concept of the dilithium chamber, even though they had to re-use those Klingon set pieces to achieve it. It tends to suffer less than the torpedo room however, from incorporating that more jagged Klingon style framing (in my opinion). But a director's gotta do what a director's gotta do. ;)
    Are you by any chance thinking about putting in those emergency doors too? The ones that probably had to be stored in an alternate dimension to fit where they came down. :)

    1. The "mini-mainframes" I am going to at least attempt and see how they look. The dilithium chamber I will probably end up putting aside for now and coming back to it later. There's a lack of good reference material available other than screencaps.

      The emergency doors I would like to have, but I hate the fact that they just don't make sense. Aside from the fact that they have to be stored in that alternate dimension you mention, they also just seem to slide into an illogical and impractical break in the horizontal intermix chamber.

      Most likely, I am going to finish all the TMP details and then move onto a different area, coming back later to finish any TWOK details I want to put in. After weeks of work on Main Engineering, I'm very anxious to move onto another part of the ship...

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