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Main Engineering Complete...for now...

My computer seems to have shut down mid-compile last night due to Windows update, so these shots still aren't 100% finished.  However, they're good enough.

Like I said earlier, I'm not sure if and when I'll put in any The Wrath of Khan details, as I'm pretty happy with the area as is.  I may come back to the area later and tweak lighting a bit as well, as I'm experimenting with different lighting techniques.

I know the bloom post-process effect is a little overkill, but it adds a modern quality to an otherwise very 1970s science fiction set.

The glowing-green computer bank above is really the only new addition.

The transparent-aluminum elevator to the right will eventually work once I get more experience with scripting.  It's a little larger than seen in the films due to it having to accommodate the size of the player character.

The foyer console.  Lighting may need to be tweaked her as well, but the darkness matches that seen in The Motion Picture, when Kirk tells Decker he's taking command.  Again, the bloom effect is a little overdone for showcase effect.

And, as promised, here's a video I uploaded to youtube.  For some reason, it came out WAY darker than it actually is in-game...not sure why.  I have very little experiencing recording video from in-game.  Either way, you get to see the intermix plasma in motion, and some blinkies on the consoles.  Make sure to change the quality to 1080p when viewing!

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