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Officer's Lounge Construction Begins

Engineering lighting compiles take over 2 hours, so I only compile at night before bed so that I can keep working on other things.  While you wait for the final Engineering screenshots (and video!), I thought I'd share some early shots of the Officer's Lounge.

Static lighting in Unreal3 has been the single disappointing thing so far in my experience.  It's difficult to get good lightmaps that are smooth and un-pixelated, and it's only more apparent on the smooth, clean surfaces the refit Enterprise is comprised of.

With this new area, I've experimented with dynamic lighting over static lighting.  The results are much more crisp and clean.  Overuse of dynamic lighting can cause system lag, so I'll keep an eye out for performance drops if I use too many.  However, this small area runs smooth as silk while playing. 

The other bonus of dynamic lighting: they don't add any time to compile, so compile times are super quick.  Makes working and testing a lot faster.

This is the officer's lounge as depicted in The Motion Picture. Andrew Probert visualized a much grander lounge, and I hope to turn his production designs into a reality with this project.  But first, I had to get this small privacy lounge out of the way.  I'll be using the layout featured in "Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise" to marry Probert's concept with what was seen in the film.

But for now, here ya go. 

The futuristic "planter" was a lot of fun.  I found some free-to-use foliage meshes included with some UDK tutorial packages I downloaded.  They sway gently inside, to give the illusion of air-conditioning flowing through the tube.

Tomorrow I work on the couches, tables, etc.  Enjoy!


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