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Officer's Lounge Complete

Well, I ran into problems when trying to model Shane Johnson's plans of keeping the privacy lounge and the observation lounge separate rooms, and ultimately had to go with a modified version of Andrew Probert's layout instead.  I'll skip the technical mumbo-jumbo and just say that I had to remove the "viewscreen" walls so that you could access the room with the sunken observation area.

Oh well.  At least this is what the officer's lounge would have been if Probert would've had his way.

Another note: I had to switch back to static lighting, which isn't as clean as dynamic lighting.  The reason is that UDK cannot compute global illumination in a scene with only dynamic lights.  Having completely black shadows all over the place wasn't worth the cleaner look.

The reference material.  "Budget run dry?  Build a tiny, tiny set!"

This is pretty much accurate to the quick shot we see in The Motion Picture, aside from some lighting and coloring details. (Enterprise 3d Mesh graciously provided by WileyCoyote)

I changed the lighting of this area to match the rest of the lounge.

The "viewscreen wall", seen in a previous blog post, is knocked out with a virtual sledge-hammer.

I spent far too much time, and far too many polygons, on this Three Dimensional Chess board.

The plants to the right, which I found while digging through UDK's free assets, really add some life to this set.

Although I miss the viewscreen wall, the result isn't that bad.  Makes the area feel more open.


  1. Too awesome. As it was intended. :D

  2. Your eye for detail is stunning. Are you assembling and linking these interiors as a real space interior of the ship or as studio sets?

    I have long wanted to model all the TOS sets in the hopes of producing a CGI version of the original series, in the style of The Clone Wars, turning a few of the many great TOS novels into screenplays... which proved far beyond the scope of what one person could do on their own.

    What will your models be used for, ultimately?

    1. At the very least, the goal is to provide a "Virtual Walkthrough" of key areas of the ship, letting the player explore areas, interact with various systems, etc. The ultimate goal, however, is to provide a setting for a single-player story campaign. A lot for one person to do, so I will need others helping make character models, scripting, etc.

  3. You know I bet you could still incorporate the viewscreen walls.
    Perhaps they pop up from the floor and follow tracks to the ceiling.

    During battle they could protect that part of the lounge if the windows were somehow shot through or perhaps some sort of radiation shielding.