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Turbolift Alcove

Whipped up the turbolift alcove today.  I think this is the most fun I've had building the bridge so far, because it wasn't repetitive at all.  Building the each consoles with all their different display screen graphics was daunting and tedious, but the alcove was quick and varied in what skills I needed to utilize.  The textures, lighting, and meshes had to come together as one to create this much-seen portion of the bridge.

I also worked on lighting a bit from the previous renders.  Took most of the blue out of the light and also changed specularity settings on the grey textures to give them a less metallic look.  This is much more screen-accurate now, if I may say so, which I am much happier with.

I get an entire day off to myself tomorrow, and will hopefully knock out a good chunk of the command module.  Can't wait to work on this more!

I may end up devoting all my time to this project for a while...I'm having too much fun with this! 

 First time I've used a game engine that easily generated lighting through alpha masks.  I love the results!
Creating the normal map for the dedication plaque was fun.

Perhaps my favorite graphic from the bridge, because it's the most memorable from when I watched The Original Series as a kid.  Thanks to Blu-Ray, I was able to nail the details.


Main Viewing Screen Complete

Work has been busy so I haven't been able to finish this until today. 

It's looking a little too cartoonish right now, with everything being so smooth.  Thinking about adding some slight detail normal maps to the greys, to make it appear as if it's been painted.  But I kinda like this more modern "these aren't painted plywood walls, they're smooth metal walls" look.  I dunno.  Just keep in mind that these are a work in progress, and post process effects (desaturation, image grain) will come in handy too, when I get around to that.

I start work on the bridge turbolift alcove next.  Expect updates sometime around Tuesday.


Putting together the pieces...

Some new shots before I go to sleep.

I've got all the bridge modules set up and ready to go, now I'm arranging them.  Had time for a low quality lighting compile before bed.  Enjoy!
All the full stations.  The half stations (Defense Sub Monitor  and Engineering Sub Monitor) have yet to be completed.
A dizzying array of colors.  I may add a de-saturation filter in the post-processing chain to give it a more washed out technicolor feel...
Spock's Science Station got the most attention.

Decided to do a few more things before bed.  Put the unfinished main viewer in place.  Have a look:

The main viewer really doesn't look that big in comparison to today's flatscreen TVs....


TOS Bridge Update

Detailing chugging along
I spent the last week creating every single TOS bridge display screen, getting as accurate as possible with the graphics, blink patterns, and coloring.  The process was sped along by Will at, who graciously allowed me to use his amazing research into the graphics.

This proved to take a while, but I am glad I got it all done at once so that I won't have to constantly stop work in the future when I need a new bridge graphic.
So many different displays!

I also made the textures for the overhead displays, which turned out to be fun.  The process involved googling astronomy pictures and using them as backdrops for these displays, then adding details to make them pretty close to what we see in the show.  Usually adding beams of colored light or recolored pictures of the moon. 

The overhead displays (Forgive the squareness.  The UDK content browser only displays materials as squares)
I still don't have much to show, but I'm working on getting the smaller details of the bridge consoles done, namely the rocker switches, intercom panels, and the hooded scopes.  As soon as I get Spock's library computer finished, I will be able to assemble all the different bridge modules together.


A Classic Distraction

I admit it.  I get distracted.  And I get bored of working within one Trek era at a time.

I once had three different projects going on at the same time in my Quake III modding days.  A Virtual Enterprise-D, a Virtual Refit Enterprise, and a Virtual TOS Enterprise.  So it shouldn't surprise anyone that has followed my previous work to know that I have let my love for The Original Series creep in and force me to start work on a project other than my Refit Enterprise project.

I have to keep a few projects going at once so I don't burn myself out on one era.  I'll work on some TOS era stuff, go back to TMP era, maybe even start a TNG era project, and the cycle shall continue. 

So here you go.  The first shots of a bridge module.  Enjoy.

Just a test so far!


Junior Officer's Quarters: Beginnings

First off, I quit smoking!  I was unable to concentrate on my projects the past week or so due to nicotine withdrawals, but 8 days in and I'm feeling great!

Last night I started work on the junior officer's quarters of the Refit Enterprise.  This is how the room was seen in The Motion Picture, but I will add more details in the coming days.  Books, cups, plants...the things you would expect to see in a living space on a starship. 

This, of course, will later be transformed into the senior officer's quarters with it's larger adjacent room.

More pics to come!