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A Classic Distraction

I admit it.  I get distracted.  And I get bored of working within one Trek era at a time.

I once had three different projects going on at the same time in my Quake III modding days.  A Virtual Enterprise-D, a Virtual Refit Enterprise, and a Virtual TOS Enterprise.  So it shouldn't surprise anyone that has followed my previous work to know that I have let my love for The Original Series creep in and force me to start work on a project other than my Refit Enterprise project.

I have to keep a few projects going at once so I don't burn myself out on one era.  I'll work on some TOS era stuff, go back to TMP era, maybe even start a TNG era project, and the cycle shall continue. 

So here you go.  The first shots of a bridge module.  Enjoy.

Just a test so far!

1 comment:

  1. We are but tides at the mercy of the moon and sun.

    Heh. Good work, and nice distraction. ;)