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TOS Bridge Update

Detailing chugging along
I spent the last week creating every single TOS bridge display screen, getting as accurate as possible with the graphics, blink patterns, and coloring.  The process was sped along by Will at, who graciously allowed me to use his amazing research into the graphics.

This proved to take a while, but I am glad I got it all done at once so that I won't have to constantly stop work in the future when I need a new bridge graphic.
So many different displays!

I also made the textures for the overhead displays, which turned out to be fun.  The process involved googling astronomy pictures and using them as backdrops for these displays, then adding details to make them pretty close to what we see in the show.  Usually adding beams of colored light or recolored pictures of the moon. 

The overhead displays (Forgive the squareness.  The UDK content browser only displays materials as squares)
I still don't have much to show, but I'm working on getting the smaller details of the bridge consoles done, namely the rocker switches, intercom panels, and the hooded scopes.  As soon as I get Spock's library computer finished, I will be able to assemble all the different bridge modules together.

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