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Turbolift Alcove

Whipped up the turbolift alcove today.  I think this is the most fun I've had building the bridge so far, because it wasn't repetitive at all.  Building the each consoles with all their different display screen graphics was daunting and tedious, but the alcove was quick and varied in what skills I needed to utilize.  The textures, lighting, and meshes had to come together as one to create this much-seen portion of the bridge.

I also worked on lighting a bit from the previous renders.  Took most of the blue out of the light and also changed specularity settings on the grey textures to give them a less metallic look.  This is much more screen-accurate now, if I may say so, which I am much happier with.

I get an entire day off to myself tomorrow, and will hopefully knock out a good chunk of the command module.  Can't wait to work on this more!

I may end up devoting all my time to this project for a while...I'm having too much fun with this! 

 First time I've used a game engine that easily generated lighting through alpha masks.  I love the results!
Creating the normal map for the dedication plaque was fun.

Perhaps my favorite graphic from the bridge, because it's the most memorable from when I watched The Original Series as a kid.  Thanks to Blu-Ray, I was able to nail the details.

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  1. Best reproduction of the "Ships Layout Chart" that I've seen. Many fans confuse this with the "Pressurized Compartments" diagram shown in the fan manuals, and on the monitors in several episodes. It's Deck Layout was from the original pilot version, for a ship's crew compliment of only 203. Very nice work indeed.