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The Devil's in the Details

Slaved away yesterday on my day off to get the wall plant-ons started.  These were positioned in different places each season (and sometimes each episode), and because this "deck" will be a template for several, I can actually put them, and others, wherever I'd like.  However, for "Deck 7" I am going to have the details in the spots you would expect them after watching a Season 3 episode.  Here are some shots.

There's a heap of discussion about this "hole" in the floor over at my thread at TrekBBS right now.  It's been hard to find good reference materials.

I hate how off-center this piece is on it's backing board, but that's the way it was on the show!


My guess is that the producers of the show took random pieces of machinery and spray painted them solid colors.

The piece to the right has always been my favorite of all the wall plant-ons.

Still tweaking the texture lining the vertical Jefferies tube.

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