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TOS Bridge Nearing Completion

With the exception of the chairs, turbolift, and Sulu's targeting scanner, the bridge is complete.  Here are some shots covering the last day of work...

Almost Done!

The Helm/Navigation Station.  Looks a little odd without the chairs.  Glow textures on buttons need work.

The chronometer.  I chose to go with the remastered version because I like the fact that it displays the stardate.

I start on the modified Burke chairs now, which will be a challenge since the shapes are very organic.  We will see how they turn out...


  1. I'm really liking the bridge so far, so nicely detailed! Will this be a single player mod? That you get to go and explore planets, kill hostile aliens, and etc? Will this be like Elite Force one and two?

    1. Ideally, that's what I would like this to be. I'd like to put together a team of people to help out with the things I'm not so skilled at, like making character models, scripting, etc.

      At the very least, however, I can release these areas as virtual "tours" of the Enterprise, which any Trekkers would enjoy.