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Transporter Pads

Loving how this is turning out!

The Transporter Room is really coming along, and I love the 60s sci-fi vibe that's really coming through.

The transporter pads were especially fun to model / texture.I started off with the best reference material I could find, which is a screen cap from the third season episode Elaan of Troyius.  In this episode, we get a rare up-close glimpse of one of the transporter pads (and a pair of Elasian feet).


 I did some research and discovered that the transporter pads were actually made from Fresnel lenses of 10,000-kilowatt set lights.  I was able to then google up some images of actual Fresnel lenses and found a diagram of their shape.  I then modeled a high-poly version in 3ds Max and made a normal map to apply to my low-poly model of the pad.
Gotta love normal maps

I then ported the texture into UDK, and adjusted the material's specularity, gloss, glow, etc until I got the results below.
The final transporter pad material in UDK. It's really not as complicated as it looks.

The result

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  1. Very cool man. I love going back and modeling the actual objects these kinds of parts were based on. Like the Martin-Baker ejector seats for the Millennium Falcon's cockpit. Found photos of the real seat, modeled it, and then made the modifications that the art department had added. Really gets you into the original designer's minds.