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"I said, 'Give me the brandy!'"

Saurian Brandy.  Who could forget that classic scene where Evil Kirk stumbles into sickbay and demands good old Dr. McCoy give him some brandy?  It would be inappropriate if I didn't include the iconic bottle somewhere on the ship, be it in sickbay or tucked away under Jim Kirk's bedroll.

My digital re-creation
 It took me about three hours to model this in 3ds Max and set up the shaders in UDK.  Probably the longest amount of time I've spent on such a small nonfunctional prop.

The bottle was actually a redress of a bottle of 1964 Dickel Tennessee Whiskey.
1964 bottle of Dickel Tennessee Whiskey
Even Tellarites love the stuff.

As of one year ago on July 18th, I don't drink.  Otherwise, I'd say "Cheers!" ; )

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