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Phaser 2

Spent the last 10 hours modelling this beauty.  This is the low-poly version, just under 5000 polygons. 

Close-up on some of the details
Here's how the phaser may eventually look from a first-person shooter perspective.

Phaser 1

This is a low-poly mesh of the Phaser 1 unit.  It was built by projecting high-poly details onto a low-poly mesh.  Although I love the high-resolution detail I am able to obtain in 3ds Max, UDK simply cannot render such objects, so they have to be condensed down into graphics-card friendly versions such as these


Medical Lab: Beginnings

Uniforms: Beginnings.

Finally started to mess around in ZBrush.  Here are the results...
Before I added the correct amount of seams to the side...
Ah.  Much better.
Rank stripes, from left to right: Admiral (Incorrect: See below), Commodore, Captain, Commander, Lt. Commander, Lieutenant, Lieutenant J.G., Ensign
The correct version of the Admiral rank stripes.
Alternate Commodore rank with silver band.
Command, Science, and Support Services Insignias
Seldom seen Medical patch.

McCoy's Office

The skulls that fill the shelves behind McCoy's chair will have to them in development but running into some problems.  Stay tuned...

Lighting Fix for Intensive Care Ward

Tweaked the lighting in the Intensive Care Ward a bit.  Everything was looking too dark...

Sickbay Intensive Care Ward