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TOS Bridge in Unreal 4

I'm back and better than ever!

The Unreal 4 engine was released a few months back, and after seeing some of it's advanced features, I decided to make the switch. I was anxious to see how some of my TOS stuff would look in a new-gen gaming engine, and I think the results speak for themselves. The most notable difference is the inclusion of real-time screen space reflections, so there is no more faked reflection or cheap diffuse specularity on surfaces. This is most evident in the reflection of the view-screens on the black consoles below them (check it out in the Unreal 4 vs Unreal 3 comparison shot below). There are a few other new enhancements, IMO offering a much more realistic real-time render.

However, making the transition to the Unreal 4 engine didn't simply consist of me porting everything over from Unreal 3. I completely reconstructed each of the models (except for the Burke chair) for two reasons. A) Unreal 4 uses a different unit scale than Unreal 3, and B) I wanted to apply methods of modelling I'd learned since I built the TOS Bridge in Unreal 3. You'll notice the models have much more surface detail and chamfered edges, giving a smoother, more detailed and realistic look.

I was, thankfully, able to quickly port over all the viewing screen graphics from my previous project, saving at least a week's time.

I plan on resuming work on this project full-speed ahead, however I will have to also reconstruct the areas I previously completed last year (corridors, transporter room, sickbay, briefing room) to get them up to snuff with the new engine. It'll be interesting to see how pretty Unreal 4 will make the rest of the Enterprise interiors appear.



  1. Good to hear from you Donny, those screens look awesome - can't wait to explore the ship; your attention to detail will be shown off in all of its glory through the oculus - now builtin with Unreal Engine 4 :D

  2. These look great! Is there a way for other users to explore your builds? I'd love to take a walk through your bridge and corridors