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Death Star Corridors

Continuing with my recent flurry of interest in Star Wars, I've decided to go ahead and use the inspiration to further expand my portfolio out of the confines of Star Trek.  Also, since Star Wars is a much more dirty, lived-in universe than Trek, it allows me to showcase more of my texturing abilities.  I had a lot of fun tweaking the materials of the Death Star walls, giving them a metallic, almost oily feeling.  And I'm especially satisfied with how the floor turned out.


Tantive IV Corridors (Star Wars: A New Hope)

I decided to take a quick detour into Star Wars land, with the re-creation of the corridor of the Rebel Blockade Runner Tantive IV from the opening scene of Star Wars: A New Hope.  I was inspired by the newly released Star Wars: Battlefront and it's awesome visuals and accurately detailed renditions of Star Wars locales, but was dismayed that there weren't any starship interiors.  I decided to make one of my favorites myself.  Enjoy.



For those of you that follow my TrekBBS thread, you know that I've been spending the last month focusing on props rather than environments.  That's because I've purchased a great texturing program called Substance Painter.  Here are the results.  I've built models of the phasers, tricorders, and communicators seen in both The Wrath of Khan and The Search For Spock.

We start with the phaser seen in TWOK.  This, of course, is the same phaser model introduced in The Motion Picture, but it was painted a blue metallic color and the rainbow colored buttons of the TMP model were replaced by copper buttons in TWOK.

For The Search For Spock, ILM built new phaser models that more closely resembled the design from The Original Series, with a removable Phaser I model up top.

This boxy communicator featured in TWOK isn't well-liked by fans, and is often referred to as the "sardine can".  I, for one, like the more militaristic feel it has over the more familiar TOS and TSFS design.

Again, for TSFS, ILM returned to a more TOS aesthetic, as evidenced by this sleek communicator.

This tricorder model is a radical departure from the tricorder designs introduced before and after its brief appearance in The Wrath of Khan, but it is nonetheless canon.  It is often referred to as a "heavy-duty" tricorder due to its bulky nature.

And finally we have the TSFS tricorder.  Also built by ILM to harken back to the TOS days.  It is perhaps my favorite of the props seen in both movies, and I own an expensive replica of it myself. 

Soon I'll be switching gears back to working on environments, first finishing up a new TWOK-style version of the Officer's lounge seen in The Motion Picture.  But first I'm going to make a selection of sickbay props.  Stay tuned!


Refit Enterprise Engineering

Time for one of the most impressive sets in Star Trek history...the Main Engineering level of the Refit Enterprise...


Refit Enterprise Torpedo Bay

It seems that two months is the standard amount of time it takes to build any one area of the Refit, as that's the amount of time it took for the Transporter Room, Sickbay, and now the Photon Torpedo Bay as seen in The Wrath of Khan.

Most Trekkies know that the torpedo bay was, in fact, a redress of the Klingon Battle Crusier Amar bridge from The Motion Picture.  This is evident in the odd polygonal shapes that are present on some support beams, as well as the deck bracing itself.  Walls reused from other The Motion Picture sets make of the aft end of the deck to try and give it a more Starfleet feel.  

It is a wonderful set, IMO, and is probably, besides the Refit Enterprise bridge, one of the most complex areas I've ever tackled.  Also, this room serves a very important role in Star Trek history, as it is the setting of Spock's funeral and Kirk's great eulogy at the end of The Wrath of Khan.