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Refit Enterprise Sickbay Complex

I spent the last two months building the sickbay complex, as seen in The Wrath Of Khan.

For a general idea of the set, see the TMP stage plan and Shane Johnson's rendition below:

TMP Stage Plan
Shane Johnson's Schematic from Mr. Scott's Guide To The Enterprise

First, we see the ICU Wards.  In TMP and TWOK, we see just one ward.  I, however, decided to mirror set and place another ward on the opposite side of the sickbay complex.  This adds a few more biobeds and makes the numbering of the beds more logical.

Intensive Care Ward 2
Intensive Care Ward 2
Biobed Monitor
Intensive Care Ward 1
Intensive Care Ward 1

 Next, we see the Examination Room.  This room differed slightly from it's depiction in TMP.  The display screen was changed, and the lighting was a tad bit warmer.  Also added was a bed monitor originally built for the Phase II sickbay.

Examination Room
Examination Room
Micro-Diagnostic Bed
Phase II Monitor
And finally we see Doctor McCoy's Office.  This room is seen just briefly in TWOK, but there is longer scene in TMP in which it is depicted.  I changed some details (notably the chairs and the lighting) and populated the good doctor's desk with documents and objects, as seen in TWOK.

Doctor McCoy's Office, with Service Corridor seen through the windows
The good doctor obviously preferred printed hard copies instead of reading a computer terminal
Desk View
Laboratory Consoles
The service corridor was actually a part of the Transporter Room set, that in reality ran behind the sickbay set.  In my map file, this small corridor connects the two ICU wards together, and offers a view into the Doctor's Office.
Service Corridor, looking into the office
Service Corridor.  Note the Restroom doors to the left


  1. This is great work! Will these individual parts be combined into a complete walk through eventually?

  2. I would love to have all these available to walk thru myself in unreal using an oculus rift....(if i could afford one..)
    any chance we can download these and not just pictures...or even just the furniture and other stuff?