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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose/goal of these projects?

It has always been my dream to walk around the sets of The Original Series, Movies, and The Next Generation.  Since these sets no longer exist, and building physical replicas would cost a fortune, exploring 3D interactive "walk-throughs" of the ships seen in Star Trek is the closest I, and many of you, will ever get to having such an experience.  It is my goal to make and release programs such as these that will make this experience possible.

I love re-creating Star Trek sets of old in real time I've been spending the past 16 years doing so with various game engines.  Unfortunately, all of the game engines I've worked with in the past had severe limitations that have prevented me from releasing those projects.  Unreal Engine 4 was released in 2014 and it appears to be the first game engine that will be capable of rendering, in real-time, the complex 3D scenes required to make these projects believable. I have been working with this game engine for a year now in hopes of finally being able to release these projects. 

So, in essence, my goal is to make 3 projects such as these to give players the experience of exploring parts of the TOS Enterprise, Refit Enterprise, and the Enterprise D in real-time, 3D-interactive glory.

When will you release your project(s)?

There is no deadline or timeline for release of any of my projects, as they are primarily a hobby and labor of love.  I work on these projects in what little spare time I have, and cannot guarantee an eventual release date at this moment, as it is always unclear if I will ever have time to finish the enormous workload of making these real-time virtual walkthroughs. 

Will these projects be available for Oculus Rift?

I'm not sure, although I do know that Unreal Engine 4 supports Oculus Rift.  If and when I have something for release, I will look into providing support for Oculus Rift along with the release.

Can you give me parts of your project for use in my fan film or other project?

Sorry, but no 3D models, textures, sounds, or other assets will be released to anyone for use in any project until I have released my projects in their entirety.

Can I use screenshots of your renderings for use in my fan film or other project?

Yes, but due to increased demand of this, and limited time on my part, I am now charging prices for using my screenshots in other projects.  Please contact me at for more information and we will work together on a fair price.


  1. Your outstanding work is fantastic and yet better when in movement...!!! Congratulations and KEEP GOING...!!! You have such an amazing talent, passion and probably patience to do all the research, get the references and put it all together...!! As a fellow fan, I consider you a very distinctive fan...! I can relate with you, therefore I respect what you do...!!! Thank you for more of the best time of Star Trek to your fellow fans...!!!

  2. Donny, please contact me about a possible project.


  3. Hi! My 10 year old brother and myself (I'm 13 years old) are starting a YouTube channel, and we would love to use some of your amazing photos for it. Would that be okay? We will give credit.